Tuesday Club, Malmesbury

Yesterday we performed for the Tuesday Club at the Activity Zone in Malmesbury.

There was a very good turn-out by the club for this performance, and we introduced our set by informing the audience that most of the songs we would be singing will appear on our next album.

After we had sung a few songs one member of the audience asked whether we would be providing the entertainment at the Royal Wedding later in the year. We had to confess that no one had asked us yet, but we appealed to the audience to mention our names to Harry and Meghan.

We performed a combination of two Fats Domino classics as a tribute to the recently deceased artist. This was the very first public performance of the songs and they went down very well. Indeed, at the end of the performance we were asked by an audience member to consider a similar type of song sung by the great Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry.

Our programme is shown below. After the performance we were supplied with tea and cake. Missing from today’s line-up were Roger Whitehouse (holiday) and John Johnston (hospital).

  1. Saturday Night At The Movies
  2. Words
  3. I Can See Clearly Now
  4. Lucille
  5. Rhinestone Cowboy
  6. The Wonder Of You
  7. Jim Reeves Combo
  8. Mr Tambourine Man
  9. King Of The Road
  10. The Rose
  11. Bad Moon Rising
  12. To Love Somebody
  13. Fats Domino Combo
  14. Let It Be Me
  15. Do You Love Me

Next Recording Date

The group will be going back to their recording studio on Friday 18th May 2018 to record their next album.

As yet the album has not been named, but 13 tracks have been identified for inclusion on the album and more will be added during the next couple of months.

Age Concern Party, RWB

The group has been invited to entertain at this year’s party in the Memorial Hall in Royal Wootton Bassett.

This annual event is organised by the local Rotary Club and will take place on Saturday 5th May 2018. It is expected that the group will perform between 3:30 and 4:30pm.

We have previously entertained at this party in 2015 and 2016.

Calne Handicapped Club

This afternoon we performed for the Calne Handicapped Club at the clubhouse of the Calne Football Ground. We have entertained this group at this venue for the last two years, and hence we recognised many of the faces in the audience.

The bulk of today’s programme was selected from songs we have not previously performed for this group. The programme is shown below. The finishing song – Hi Ho Silver Lining – had most of the audience waving their arms in the air, and we were then asked to perform Hey Jude as an encore. We needed our cup of tea after that experience!

Missing from today’s line-up were Ron Dolman, John Johnston and Roger Whitehouse. This meant that we were a much smaller group than would normally perform for this group, and there were enquiries from some of the audience at the end of the session as to health of those missing. We were able to reassure them that the missing singers were either attending funerals or else undergoing health treatment, and we hope they will be available the next time we visit the club.

Today’s programme was:-

  1. Take Good Care Of My Baby
  2. Rhinestone Cowboy
  3. Saturday Night At The Movies
  4. In My Life
  5. When Will I Be Loved
  6. The End Of The World
  7. Three Steps To Heaven
  8. The Wonder Of You
  9. Love Is All Around
  10. Here Comes My Baby
  11. The Rose
  12. If Not You
  13. I’ll Keep You Satisfied
  14. Hi Ho Silver Lining

Goodbye Old Friend

Last night we learnt that the farm track we use to access our rehearsal studio has been condemned by the developers who are building new housing estates on the land crossed by the track.

There have been proposed plans to start the development work over the last 2-3 years, but it seems that the time has now come for it to begin. We saw evidence of this action last night as we drove down the track and saw trees had been felled to make way for a new roadway (our local singer called it a ‘motorway’).

Anyway, as a tribute to the track that has given us so much pleasure over the years (and pain via its bumps!) – and after which we named our singing group – perhaps we should dedicate our next album to it by naming the CD ‘The End Of The Track’ (?)

Golden Tracks Sale

Received a call this afternoon to inform me that a resident of Chippenham wished to buy a copy of our latest CD ‘Golden Tracks’. She has been playing one of our previous releases all the time in her car, and is now very pleased that she can listen to the new recording.

Goatacre Manor Care Centre

This afternoon we made our very first visit to this care home in the village of Goatacre, Wiltshire.

Our performance took place in the residents lounge and there was a good number of residents and carers in the audience. We entertained with a musical programme of one hour duration, and at the end we were invited to stay for refreshments.

The organiser Tamara was very impressed by our music and is looking to rebook us for later in the year. Our programme today was:-

  1. All My Loving
  2. I’m Into Something Good
  3. Sugar And Spice
  4. Sweet Caroline
  5. Bye-Bye Love
  6. Amarillo
  7. Hello Mary Lou
  8. California Dreaming
  9. Something
  10. Always On My Mind
  11. Island Of Dreams [65]
  12. Saturday Night At The Movies
  13. Love Me Tender
  14. Do You Want To Dance
  15. Daydream Believer
  16. Tequila Sunrise
  17. There’s A Kind Of Hush
  18. So Happy Together
  19. Hey Jude

William Lodge, Malmesbury

This morning we opened our 2018 season by entertaining some of the residents who live in the retirement apartments of William Lodge.

This was our first appearance at this Churchill development close to the town centre of Malmesbury and alongside the River Avon. The lodge comprises 26 flats of which only seven have been sold. This meant that we had a very small audience for the performance – but they thoroughly enjoyed it and joined in many of the songs. We sold two of our latest CD release and received a donation to our charity.

Our group were also down on numbers: Phil Dyke was away working; John Johnston has only recently returned home from hospital; and Dave Sperritt is recovering from a very nasty fall.

The programme for today’s performance was:-

  1. All My Loving
  2. I’m Into Something Good
  3. Sugar And Spice
  4. Sweet Caroline
  5. Bye-Bye Love
  6. Amarillo
  7. Hello Mary Lou
  8. California Dreaming
  9. Something
  10. Always On My Mind
  11. Island Of Dreams
  12. Saturday Night At The Movies
  13. Love Me Tender
  14. Daydream Believer
  15. There’s A Kind Of Hush
  16. Hey Jude

Sad Announcement

We are saddened to learn of the death of one of the residents at the Derryk Evans House in Liden, Swindon.

Pauline (103) was the oldest resident at this home, and was an active member of the audience during our performances – willing to get up and dance along to the music. She died last week but had clearly enjoyed life to the full.