Autumn Club, Kington St Michael

This afternoon we provided entertainment for the Autumn Club of Kington St Michael. It was a return visit by us to the club, as we had previously performed for the club in October 2016.

There were club formalities at the beginning of the meeting before we were introduced. During these formalities we discovered that one member (Margaret) would be having a birthday in the coming days, and so we started our singing with a rendition of Happy Birthday to her – with all of the members joining in.

Today’s programme is shown below. We had a full turnout of singers for the performance in the Kington St Michael village hall. Afterwards we were rewarded with tea and biscuits whilst Ron went around the audience selling copies of our latest CD. We are very grateful to the audience for buying six copies – one of these sales was for an earlier EOTT album.

It was suggested that the club may want us to perform for them in December 2018. We recommended that they make an early decision, as we are already taking bookings for that period.

1) The Night Has 1000 Eyes

2) When Will I Be Loved

3) Take Good Care Of My Baby

4) Sweet Caroline

5) Words

6) California Dreaming

7) I Can See Clearly Now

8) King Of The Road

9) Tequila Sunrise

10) Jim Reeves Combo

11) There’s A Kind Of Hush

12) I’ll Keep You Satisfied

13) Eight Days A Week


Calne Handicapped Club

This afternoon we returned to the Calne Football Club to entertain the Handicapped Club. Today was the sixth time we have performed for the club, and many familiar faces were seen in the audience.

Our programme included three songs that we had never performed in public, one of them being a tribute to American Jim Reeves to which the audience enjoyed singing along.

Our performances are always well received by the members of the club, and immediately after we had finished our singing we were approached to go back again in February 2018.

Missing from today’s line-up were Nick Greene and Dave Sperritt. Our programme was as follows:-

  1. The Night Has 1000 Eyes
  2. A Picture Of You
  3. I Can See Clearly Now
  4. Words
  5. Da Do Ron Ron
  6. When Will I Be Loved
  7. Sylvia’s Mother
  8. King Of The Road
  9. Michelle
  10. I’m Into Something Good
  11. Jim Reeves Combo
  12. To Love Somebody
  13. All My Loving
  14. Hey Jude

A Busy December 2017

The group will be having a very busy time in the month of December 2017: we are booked to perform nine concerts in that month.

We are currently having to disappoint a number of new enquiries for performances. The latest one came today from the organisers of ‘Holidays At Home’. Last week, it was the Monday Club at Royal Wootton Bassett.

If you are organising an event and would like to feature ‘End Of The Track’ as the entertainment then be aware that we are now accepting booking from 1st January 2018.

Hungerford House, Corsham

This afternoon we performed for the first time to residents of Hungerford House in Corsham. We performed in the ‘Lilly Room’ for around 25 residents and carers.

There was a great reaction from the audience to our music, and the organiser Susanne assisted some of the residents to dance along to the rhythms.

When the Jim Reeves song ‘I Love You Because’ was introduced, a member of the audience exclaimed that she had met Jim in Compton Bassett and she remarked that he was a very nice man.

We performed for an hour; the programme is shown below. Missing from today’s performance was Dave Sperritt due to a family illness.

  1. The Night Has 1000 Eyes
  2. Mr Tambourine Man
  3. Bad Moon Rising
  4. I Can See Clearly Now
  5. A Picture Of You
  6. With A Little Help
  7. King Of The Road
  8. Where Could I Go
  9. You Got It
  10. You Are The New Day
  11. House Of The Rising Sun
  12. You’ve Got Your Troubles
  13. Daydream Believer
  14. I Love You Because
  15. Here Comes My Baby
  16. Eight Days A Week
  17. Do You Love Me
  18. Hey Jude
  19. American Trilogy


CD IV Now In Profit

The latest performances by the group have pushed the total sales figure for our fourth CD recording ‘Golden Tracks’ to 94 – out of an initial pressing of 150 CDs. The money collected from these sales, together with a number of donations by our audiences, is now showing a small profit.

This suggests a further batch of 100 pressings needs to be made prior to the Christmas period.

Stourhead Performance

As we were leaving the Stourhead site on Sunday after performing at the ‘Scones and Songs’ event we were asked for a copy of our latest CD by a visitor who had heard us singing. During that sale a passing lady kindly expressed the view that we were ‘talented singers’.

It was very nice to receive such positive feedback from those who listened to our performances that afternoon.

Calne Day Centre

Today we returned to the Methodist Church in Calne for our second visit to the Day Centre. There was a good attendance at the Day Centre with a number of familiar faces amongst the audience.

One of the attendees (Bill) stated it would be his birthday in a few days time, and so we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him whilst waiting to start our entertainment programme. We sang through a number of Sixties songs (programme listing is shown below) lasting for around 45 minutes before receiving refreshments of tea and biscuits.

Once again we were without Dave Sperritt due a family illness.

Our programme today was:-

  1. The Night Has 1000 Eyes
  2. Mr Tambourine Man
  3. Bad Moon Rising
  4. I Can See Clearly Now
  5. A Picture Of You
  6. With A Little Help
  7. King Of The Road
  8. You Got It
  9. You Are The New Day
  10. You’ve Got Your Troubles
  11. Daydream Believer
  12. I Love You Because
  13. Eight Days A Week
  14. Do You Love Me
  15. Hi Ho Silver Lining
  16. American Trilogy