Calne Handicapped Club

This afternoon we performed for the Calne Handicapped Club at the clubhouse of the Calne Football Ground. We have entertained this group at this venue for the last two years, and hence we recognised many of the faces in the audience.

The bulk of today’s programme was selected from songs we have not previously performed for this group. The programme is shown below. The finishing song – Hi Ho Silver Lining – had most of the audience waving their arms in the air, and we were then asked to perform Hey Jude as an encore. We needed our cup of tea after that experience!

Missing from today’s line-up were Ron Dolman, John Johnston and Roger Whitehouse. This meant that we were a much smaller group than would normally perform for this group, and there were enquiries from some of the audience at the end of the session as to health of those missing. We were able to reassure them that the missing singers were either attending funerals or else undergoing health treatment, and we hope they will be available the next time we visit the club.

Today’s programme was:-

  1. Take Good Care Of My Baby
  2. Rhinestone Cowboy
  3. Saturday Night At The Movies
  4. In My Life
  5. When Will I Be Loved
  6. The End Of The World
  7. Three Steps To Heaven
  8. The Wonder Of You
  9. Love Is All Around
  10. Here Comes My Baby
  11. The Rose
  12. If Not You
  13. I’ll Keep You Satisfied
  14. Hi Ho Silver Lining

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