Great Start for Sales of ‘Timeless Tracks’

Yesterday was the first day of sales for our latest album and we received 15 sales – all from members of the group!

Keep it up guys; there are plenty more to sell.


Re-mix for CD-5

This afternoon Roger Whitehouse and Keith Clifford travelled to the Music Workshop in Potterne, Wiltshire to run through some desired changes to our latest album recording.

We met with recording engineer Pete Lamb and discussed those changes. Peter described how he had already worked on the original recordings of the 16 tracks – needing to remove extraneous noises and balance the numerous sound channels used on the day.

It was fascinating to see our recordings displayed on screen in digital form and the ease with which Pete could make any of our desired changes. Pete had labelled each of the recorded channels so that he could quickly identify which ones needed changes to sound levels.

He was quickly altering the sound levels of the tenor singers to bring out the top harmonies, and increasing the vocals of solo sections. These simple alterations greatly improved the overall sound quality.

He also indicated to us how he had added a percussion beat to one song to mask the sound of someone who had tapped their foot throughout the recording of that song. We had not appreciated he had taken this action – a sign he had done a good job!

All the desired changes were made within a two hour period, and we each left with a CD copy of the new mix. Our next task is to confirm the changes in preparation for production of the master disc.

Our thanks go to Pete for his time and professional interpretation of our requirements.

CD-5 First Mix Sounds Very Good

We have received the first mix of our CD-5 recording session from the recording engineer Pete Lamb.

It has been copied to all members of the group and the initial reactions have been favourable. There are a few places where the harmonies could be made a little more prominent, and arrangements have been made for our representatives to visit Pete on Friday 15th June 2018 to make the suggested improvements.

The working title for this new album is ‘Timeless Tracks’.

First Mix Of New Album Tracks

Today saw the arrival of a CD from our recording engineer Pete Lamb containing his initial sound mix for our sixteen song recordings.

We are now in the process of listening very carefully to each track to see if any refinement is needed ahead of asking Pete to produce a master disc.

Early reactions indicate the recordings sound very good.

New Album Songs Recorded

Today we recorded our fifth album.

Once again we were fortunate to be able to use St Giles Church in Stanton St Quintin as the recording studio, with our regular sound recordist Pete Lamb travelling from his home in Potterne.

A lot of time goes into setting up the environment before we can start to record a song. This work has to be done by the sound engineer, but we did use some of that time to have group photographs taken in the lovely sunshine outside the church. Our singer Phil Dyke was the photographer, and he had to suffer a fair amount of the usual abuse in trying to arrange our positions. We look forward to seeing the results of Phil’s efforts.

The recordings began at around 10:30am and were completed by 1:30pm – with a refreshment break at noon to enable us to enjoy the sunshine. Sixteen songs were recorded and we may receive an initial cut of the recordings in about one week’s time.

Our sincere thanks go to Pete Lamb for his time and preparations. The new album should be available for purchase in the second half of June 2018.

Next Album Title

Well, we didn’t receive too many suggestions from our international followers for the title of our forthcoming fifth album – being recorded this coming Friday 18th May 2018.

The favoured suggestions that have come from within the group are:-

‘Timeless Tracks’;

‘Endless Tracks’;

‘Tracks Of Our Years’.

It looks like the title will be selected from this shortlist. Keep watching this space…

‘Golden Tracks’ Sales Value Hits £500

The latest busy programme of concert performances has enabled our sales of the ‘Golden Tracks’ CD to achieve £500 profit.

We have sold 179 copies to the public and have around 50 remaining to be sold.

The group are scheduled to enter the recording studios next week to record their fifth album – as yet this album is untitled.

Next Album

With only one month to go before our scheduled recording session, we still do not have a title selected for the album. If anyone has any suggestions for the title then please submit a comment.

Our previous albums have all included the word ‘track’, ‘tracks’ or ‘tracking’ in the title.