Further Stocks of Album 4 Available

We have taken delivery of a further 100 copies of our latest recording ‘Golden Tracks’ – just in time for the Christmas rush. Order your copy via the group’s contact details.


CD IV Now In Profit

The latest performances by the group have pushed the total sales figure for our fourth CD recording ‘Golden Tracks’ to 94 – out of an initial pressing of 150 CDs. The money collected from these sales, together with a number of donations by our audiences, is now showing a small profit.

This suggests a further batch of 100 pressings needs to be made prior to the Christmas period.

‘Golden Tracks’ Sales

Latest sales figures for the group’s latest album show that 74 CDs have been sold. The majority of those sales have been made by the members of the group, but 25 are recorded as concert sales.

Singer Dave Hackett is the leading salesman of the group – having sold 12 CDs. He is followed by John Webb with 11 sales.

The sales and donations received since the album went on sale in April 2017 are nearing the overall cost of producing it.

‘Retro’ Sounds for Wiltshire College Students

This afternoon we attended the Wiltshire College in Chippenham to assist a few of their students with their media studies course work. We had been asked to perform a selection of songs from our repertoire to enable the student engineers to record our sounds¬†using the recording studios at the Chippenham campus. The students later described our sound as ‘retro’ ¬†– which we took as a compliment.

Most of our group were able to help with today’s recording session. We were greeted at the college by Ann – the daughter of singer Roger Whitehouse. She is employed by the college and she stayed with us throughout our visit. After registering at the college’s reception we were escorted to the top floor and shown around the recording suite of rooms. For the recordings we decided to configure ourselves in the circular arrangement used for rehearsals as this would allow us to hear one another.

We played through a few songs to enable the student engineers and studio manager (Vince) to check the microphone positions and sound levels, and then we made an initial recording. This was liked by the recording engineers, and so we then went through a further seven songs – finishing with ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’.

Vince then played back a couple of the recordings. He explained how the recordings would be uploaded to a central computer server, and then each student would download their own copy for them to customise their own mix of the different music channels – and they may wish to add other instruments to enhance the sounds, e.g. bass guitar.

Three of the recorded songs feature on our latest ‘Golden Tracks’ CD, and we promised to provide a copy of that CD to the college to allow them to compare their efforts with the released versions. Vince stated his intention to provide us with a copy of their recordings.

Another student took photographs during the session in order to advertise the event throughout the college, and we hope to publish some of these in a later posting on this BLOG

We very much enjoyed ourselves today, and there is a possibility that we could use these recording facilities at some time in the near future for our next album.

Wiltshire College

The planned recording session at the Wiltshire College had to be rearranged due to problems at the college with the original date.

The session will go ahead this coming Friday 26th May 2017.

We will use our rehearsals on Wednesday 24th May 2017 to decide which three songs to select for the recording session.

Wiltshire College Recording Session

The group have been invited to assist the students at Wiltshire College, Chippenhan with their course work.

On Friday 19th May 2017 the singers will go to the recording studio at the college and will perform a few of the songs from their repertoire. As part of the students curriculum they need to learn how to record different music genre. Our group will present a unique opportunity for the students as they would normally record only rock music.

We are preforming for the benefit of the college and we do not expect to release any of the material that is recorded.